We handle all aspects of social media.

We will maximizing the platforms to add warmth and personality to your brand while building your community and driving sales. We provide consistency and a thoughtful plan.

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Just getting started? Ready for a re-fresh? Feeling overwhelmed or stuck? Our consulting packages are the answer.

We’ll solve the mysteries and make your life easier.  Trust us: it will be fun!

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Handlebar founder Ayleen Crotty helps retired people pursue their dreams and find new life paths while staying active, living healthy lives and strengthening their relationships.

We work hard all of our lives so that we can enjoy retirement. But after finally ticking off your to-do list and going on a few trips, then what happens?

Retirement is a vast landscape: at first exciting, then quickly daunting!

Ayleen helps retired folks find their footing while celebrating, exploring and sharing their interests, skills and knowledge.

I see you! I admire you!

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